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K.V. Mahadevan: Aathi Parasakthi (1971)

Aathi Parasakthi is the soundtrack to a religious film about the divine wisdom and truth of goddess and mother to all. The film shows different short stories related to the Devi in her many forms.

So the genre of the film affects the style and content of the songs, which are, in this case, all devotional. And I think just by looking at the cover of the album , you just know that the funky music of the 70's won't be coming trough in this one.

I have two favorite songs on the album. Firstly"Kokku Parakkum" which is supposed to be sung by a small boy poet in the film. Secondly, "Nan Aatchi" because it was a song I instantly liked from the beginning, it must be because of P. Susheela's voice. The song is about how all goddesses are all one and the same (Shakti (Aathi Parasakthi)) whichever name or shape they have.

The rest of the songs are ok, but nothing special, I prefer hearing them while watching the film. The title track, "Aathi Parasakthi", is good, it is also sung by my favorite, T. M. Soundararajan. "Azhagaga Kannukku" is probably the less religous based song on the album and is ok. The fisherman's song, "Aathadi Mariyamma", is fine when you listen to it but is a little funny when you watch the clip. In "Aayi Magamayi" the goddess in human form (played by Padmini) heals the englishman. The voice in this song is rougher than P. Susheela's which I am more used too. "Solladi Abhirami" is a dramatic song who's purpose is too call out for the help of Aathi Parasakthi.

Overall a good but not great album. Most of the songs on the record are used too re-explain and re-explain the concept of the supreme power and unity of Shakthi. But since I don't know how to speak Tamil I simply rely on the melodies, instruments, vocals, or just basically on if it sounds good, not if it expresses something important. But since I got to watch the movie with subtitles I understood that all the songs are similar in theme. Anyway, if you have any comments just type away and enjoy the album!



Side 1

1. P. Susheela: Aayi Magamayi
2. Radha Jayalaksmi: Vandaar Kuzharkanni
3. Radha Jayalaksmi: Kokku Parakkum
4. T. M. Soundararajan: Solladi Abhirami
5. P. Susheela: Nan Aatchi

Side 2

6. T. M. Soundararajan: Aathi Parasakthi
7. S. Janaki: Azhagaga Kannukku
8. P. Susheela: Varugave Varugave
9. Sirgazhi Govindajan: Aathadi Mariyamma

Lyrics: Kannadhasan

To Watch the entire film (engl. subs.) follow this link to Rajshri

Get the Music Now: K.V. Mahadevan Aathi Parasakthi


Padmini in "Nan Aatchi" portraying different regional goddesses.

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Richard S. said...

Thanks for posting this one. I think I saw this film close to a year ago, and I greatly enjoyed it for the performances. As I may have said before :-), I'm a big Padmini fan - she remains my all-time favorite dancer-actress. And I thought Jayalalitha was a lot of fun to watch in this too.

I haven't yet listened to the songs separate from the visuals; now I have a chance, so I'll get a better idea re. how I like the music all by itself. I have listened to P. Susheela's singing a lot, and I think she's great too.